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Take Your Time

You've taken the exciting step of printing your digital art. Now you stand on the precipice of a new journey: framing.   The frame isn't just a pretty boundary; it's an integral component that transforms your photos from simple prints to bona fide works of art. 

Moreover, the right frame can be the guardian of your cherished memories, preserving the quality of your photos for generations. So grab your adventurer's hat; we're delving into the rich, detailed landscape of framing art!


A frame is more than a wooden rectangle. It’s an ensemble of carefully curated components: the frame, matting, glazing, and backing.   The frame provides the first layer of protection and aesthetic touch, while matting offers a buffer zone to highlight and complement your photograph.   The glazing, typically made from glass or plexiglass, protects your art from external hazards.   The backing holds all these elements firmly in place. Understanding these components is like having a secret key to unlock the perfect look and protection for your artwork.